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5 Major Threats to Cattlefeeders Part 1

  We will cover in this 5 part series the major threats facing all cattle feeders, how they impact our operations and some solutions we are implementing in each area.  Please feel free to comment on each segment as we go.  The order in which we discuss these threats does not necessarily rank them as…

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Implications of Improved Feed Efficiency

Many industry articles of late in the wake of the criminal misinformation on Lean Finely Textured Beef, LFTB, have focused on the efficiency of the beef industry. This focus has largely been on making the most of what we produce and how the capturing LFTB helps keep beef affordable for all demographics. In these articles…

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Success in Starting Calves

All producers whether a feedlot operator or a grain farmer, have a common nemesis, inclement weather, courtesy of Mother Nature.   We cannot control it, and in most cases have to scramble to even begin to prepare for an upcoming weather event.  The starting of beef calves on feed is no exception.   As cattle feeders we…

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Hoop Beef System vs. Open lots 5000 head

Open lots vs. Hoop Beef System It is always interesting the types of questions I am asked in regards to the Hoop Beef System.  For the non ag folks, they always seem a bit confused as to the need for cattle housing.  I explain to them how it is important not only for my customers…

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The Million Dollar Advantage

The Million Dollar Advantage             How would you spend a million dollars? It is kind of a million dollar question.  Would you put your kids through college?  Take your family on a nice vacation to a place you have only dreamed of?   Maybe even buy 100 acres of farm ground in Northwest Iowa.  Why the…

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