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We are proud to announce the new Hoop Beef Choice building design option with all new steel and concrete construction.  Our new design option keeps the balance of bunk space, stocking density and ventilation that the industry and our customers have come to recognize as the best available.  Hoop Beef Choice simply offers a modest expansion of the bed pack area to improve the flexibility of the building management and a slight increase in awning height to better accommodate large feeding equipment.

In addition, we are using steel I-Beams instead of wood posts and the building has an option for prefabricated concrete walls.  These changes still keep a Hoop Beef System in economic balance with the cost of construction and cost of operation well below the economic benefit gained by eliminating weather extremes and allowing your cattle to reach their genetic potential which can generate more than a 2-1 return on your building investment.

As always, we do not expect our customers to be guinea pigs nor do we sell something we have not proven to ourselves to work well.  With that in mind, we are still learning about this exciting design change at our Grand Meadow Feeders feedlot.  To date, we are extremely pleased with the performance of the “Hoop Beef Choice”.

If you are looking to take advantage of some of the best opportunities in more than a generation.  Hoop Beef System® is always poised to help you reap the benefits from these opportunities with our unrivaled industry experience and hands-on knowledge of how to be successful in today’s beef business.

You have an open invitation to come to Grand Meadow Feeders and take a look at our new design.  We are confident either the “Hoop Beef Choice” or our original Hoop Beef System® will be perfect for your operation.  Click on "Hoop Beef Choice" under the photos tab for a short video walkthrough of a Choice design at Grand Meadow Feeders.  

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