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Why Hoop Beef?

You have decided it is time to do something.  You are tired of mud, poor feed conversion, snow, rain, heat and more mud.  But why should you work with us at Hoop Beef System, LLC®?  While there are many reasons, let’s discuss a few.

Designed by Cattlemen for Cattlemen

We are cattlemen first and foremost.  It defines who we are and what we do.  Our team has over 100 years of combined cattle experience and it shows in everything we design, build and do.  We understand cattle and cattle people like no one else in the business.

We have built our crown jewel, Grand Meadow Feeders, to be our feedlot to feed our own cattle in, test our own products and to help us reach our goal of more knowledge on feeding cattle in deep bedded cattle systems than any company or university in the world.  If we don’t use it we don’t sell it to you.

Our experience allows us to be confident in our ability to find a solution that will work for your situation, not to just have an engineer show you a pretty drawing.

Cost Effective Solutions

Let’s face it moving your cattle under roof is major decision and a major investment.  We believe strongly that you can overspend on your initial construction cost and on cost of daily operation (bedding, manure management, labor).  We believe in a simple formula; Cost of Construction + Cost of Operation cannot exceed the Cattle Performance Benefit.

What does that mean to you?  It means we will work with YOU to develop a project that fits your needs, your budget and your cattle.  We aren’t interested in selling you the biggest or the most expensive building we can, we want you to have the Hoop Beef System® building that is a perfect fit for you and your operation.


We understand that a man’s reputation is earned.  Your business and your trust must be earned.  We are determined to have a reputation as company that we do what we say and say what we do.  When we shake hands on a deal we mean it.  Not every project can go perfectly, but when there is a problem we will move heaven and earth to fix it.  We stand behind our work, our employees and our customers.

We probably spend twice as much time with most of our customers after their building project is complete as we do during the sale process.  We love working with our customers and helping them improve their  cattle operations.

We are available to our customers nearly 24 hours a day.  Like you we understand that when you are in the cattle business there is no such thing as business hours.  When you need us we are just a phone call away.

Call us today to learn more about all the reasons for you to become Hoop Beef System® customer.  We are confident you will be glad you did.

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