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Come Tour the Hoop Beef System® New Research and Development Feedlot.

Weekly Tour

Tuesday's @ 1 PM
Grand Meadow Feeders
553 620 St.
Washta, Iowa 51061
Please RSVP to 605-741-0121 or [email protected]

Built on our Bryant family farm.  Grand Meadow Feeders currently has 5 – Original Hoop Beef System® buildings, each 320 ft long housing 320 head each and 2 Hoop Beef Choice system, 320 ft long housing 320 head.   We have our working facilities and load in –load out facilities built in as part of our starting and receiving barn.

Grand Meadow Feeders also uses our custom designed 75 foot commodity shed.  We have two hoop bale sheds 200 feet long that holds over 1000 large round corn stalk  bales.

Grand Meadow Feeders is part of our commitment to our customers.  We feed our own cattle in the exact same systems we sell our customers.  This give our customers a tremendous advantage in deciding how to set up their Hoop Beef System®, how to manage their system and allows us  to continually improve our product.

Our goal is to have more data and more knowledge on deep bedded cattle facilities than any company or university in the world.  Part of that commitment is using CattleXpert feedlot management software to accurately track our cattle performance, feed performance , bedding usage and profitability.  We go so far as to weigh every pound of manure as it hauled to our own crop fields and to have a regular nutrient testing program to track our manure value.

Grand Meadow Feeders is our crown jewel.  We want you to be able to buy your next cattle building from a company that feeds cattle in the same buildings they design and sell – Hoop Beef Systems®

Come visit Grand Meadow Feeders- See us and the  Hoop Beef System® buildings for yourself and see the difference

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