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Commodity Shed

Commodity Shed

In today’s era of ever increasing feed costs it is more important than ever for successful beef producers to protect their feedstuff investment.  The Hoop Beef Commodity Shed does just that.  Our design maximizes feedstuff protection with ease of access with a 14 foot high opening to the feedstuffs with the ability to vary the size of the bays to fit your operation.  The total capacity of the building is determined by it’s length in 15 ft increments 45 feet on up.  Our open design allows you to determine the size and number of bays that works for you.

From ground dry roughages to Wet Distillers Grains keeping your feedstuffs out of the elements ensures that you have a consistent quality ingredient to feed your cattle every day.   A ground hay pile outside exposed to rain and snow can easily decrease in dry matter 10% without much change in how it looks.  This can really impact the dry matter in the ration and can easily lead to digestive issues and poorer performance in the cattle.

Managing the shrink of a wet co-product is crucial to keeping it an economically viable ingredient in the diets.  A Wet co-product piled on the ground will shrink more than 20% at $80/ton and each animal consuming approximately 1.75 tons in an average feeding period this cost you $28/ head in additional costs!

At Hoop Beef System® we have you covered.  Contact us today and learn how we can provide the needed protection for your valuable commodities.

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