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Say buddy can ya spare a few hundred Thousand?

Say Buddy, can ya spare a few hundred Thousand? We all know that the title of this article should not be the opening line of your visit with your lender.   However, if you aren’t prepared to show him what he needs to see to be able lend to your operation the capital it needs, that…

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Til the cows come home

The severe drought over the past few years,over large areas of what is traditional grazing country, has put pressure on the overall size of the cowherd in the US.   In recent conversation with a Texas rancher and seedstock producer, hit by the worst of the drought, he stated that it will take 3 years or…

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2012 NCBA convention interview

At the 2012 NCBA Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee Shaun Haney with visits with Hoop Beef’s System Consultant, Tim Bickett, about the benefits of the Hoop Beef System. Over the course of the 3 day trade show dozens of producers from all across the United States, as well as a producer from Brazil, stopped…

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